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The Other Side of Japan

For those of you who know me even a tiny little bit, it's not a secret that I have an aversion towards big crowded places and loud cities. I'm a foodie with a love for nature, off-the-beaten-track and animals. Japan might not seem as a place that gets my excitement, however it actually is one of my favourite destinations. The food is an absolute high for me on the topic of Japan obviously, but the neatness and order the chaotic culture that Japan is today brings me a comfort and adoration I've rarely felt in other places.

This time my visit to Japan was one where food dominated, but I also explored breathtaking landscapes as well as century old traditional buildings and temples.

The food markets in Japan are a real adventure. 99% Of the time you have no clue of what you are looking at and tasting would be the only option. Unfortunately, there is more plastic wrapping than on any other place in the world, but the cheer excitement of discovering all these snacks, ingredients and meals is just difficult to hide.

From the chaos of food markets to the total relaxation for the eye, the neatness and order of Japanese table settings. Japanese hospitality is an absolute treat and feast for the taste buds. I had the privilege to enjoy dining in some of the best restaurants of Japan such as Sushi Kappo Nakaichi, Toh-Ka-Lin and the creations of chef Seigo Narita.

I traveled to the secondlargest and northernmost island of Japan, Hokkaido. It's known for its volcanic activity and sadly enough also for the 1993 earthquake that generated a tsunami and devastated the town of Okushiri. I also visited the surroundings of the city Hokadate, known for its starshaped fort Goryōkaku built in 1855 to protect the area from Russian invasion.

The peacefulness of countryside Japan is often right at the edges of metropolitan cities. Mount Hokadate for example, glooms in the distance over the city. There are hot springs and temples in close proximity of this metropolitan city of almost 300.000.

I've made many more food photos in Japan. You can explore them in the photos page of this blog or via the album Taste Bud Temptation.

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