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Travelling is my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I call myself less of a tourist, more of an explorer. Now that I got a little older, I also allow myself to make being on the road as comfortable as possible.


I love discovering and going completely outside of my comfort zone, but I also have a soft spot for luxury and beautiful hotels. I’m fascinated by indulging in local cuisines and trying out extraordinary chefs. Nature, cultural hubs, and local fauna habitats are my favourite places to hang out. Partying, chaos, crowds, and to-do lists are not my thing.


I’m on the road 200 days per year and I have 75 countries to go before I have seen the whole world. My top one favourite continent is Africa, then comes Asia and South America after that. In Africa, I fell in love with Tanzania and Zanzibar the most. In Asia, Thailand and Myanmar are my most preferred destinations. I don't feel well in places with a lot of chaos or a culture that is very unfair like the caste system in India or the suffocating streets of Hanoi. In South America, Chile and Argentina have blown me away.


I prefer traveling to remote and non-obvious destinations as well as world heritage sites. These are often exclusive and it’s pricey to reach them. However, in my philosophy, I’d rather spend money on one breathtaking spot than on ten beaten tracks.

In 2019 I visited Alaska, Canada, Australia, China, Tibet, Japan, Singapore, Brunei, and Borneo. I found a lot of hidden gems but then we got into a pandemic. Some exciting stories about the above-mentioned excursions are already online. Next to come are Tibet (2020) and Japan (2020). And of course, being back on the road now. 


Stay tuned.


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