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Architecture and Paradise - Yucatán, Mexico

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Oh Mexico, land of extremes. Ancient culture, warm temperament, pearly white beaches, extraordinary nature and culture and delicious food. I've indulged myself again in Mexico's vibrant beauty and wisdom, admired the mystical architecture of the Maya and enjoyed the abundant luxury this paradise has to offer.

Temple of Kukulcan (El Castillo) in Chichen Itzà.
Temple of Kukulcan (El Castillo) in Chichen Itzà.

Two days per year, all over the world, night and day are equally long. Almost 3000 years ago, the Maya carefully studied astronomical events like these equinoxes. They made religious prophecies according to their findings and based their architecture on them. I visited one of the most extraordinary landmarks of the Maya, the "Temple of Kukulcan" at Chichen Itzà. Twice a year, at equinox, the stairs of this ancient place of worship produce a spectacle of light and shadow called the serpent effect.

Chichen Itzà is one of the most significant ancient Maya cities in the area of Yucatán, Belize, Honduras and Guatemala. Like most Mayan settlements, the temple or ceremonial centre is the core and sprouted from there are small passages and residential buildings.

Ancient Cave Life

Apart from building their religious and residential constructions on the ground, the Maya also used impressive underground caves for worshipping as well as ceremonies. These caves were important inspiration for myths about creation of life for the Maya as well as a shelter and source of water. The Balankanché cave I visited is one of the biggest and the Maya art found there is connected to the symbolism such as "entrance to the underworld" and "a womb of fertility". The caves are also believed to be places for ceremonial events such as burials and "transformation".

Pearly White Paradise

Mexico wouldn't be the popular favourite of honeymooners without its white, sandy beaches and luxury resorts. You know me by now, so you understand that I appreciate tasteful luxury and that I do everything to avoid the crowds. I found a few hidden gems of heaven within paradise, hotels that are built within and around ancient ruins of the Yucatán peninsula as well as a boutique beach resort that makes you feel as if on a deserted island.

Visiting Mexico concluded my first Round The World trip of 2019 with a bang. On the 1st of August I'm off again, hold tight for more photo stories and experiences of Inez Travels soon.

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